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Photo by: Destin Sparkman

While we are totally guilty of skipping out on featuring the EP when it was released in August, we do want to show off the bands new music video for their single, Are You Happy?.





We commend the band for featuring songs about struggles with depression, self hatred & anxiety throughout their latest EP titled, Panic Disorder. If you are unfamiliar with the bands past releases we highly suggest checking them out and giving the full EP a listen! Their sound can be described as 'nu metal-core' and if you are a fan of bands like Sworn In and Cane Hill you'll definitely dig S.W.T.C.H.

For more videos & the full EP check out the links below.

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Video by: CD Media


January 20, 2020


January 12, 2020


December 18th, 2019


December 6th, 2019




A Nice Night for an Evening Vol 1 & 2 

December 20, 2019 

Photo by: Will Bolton

At first we thought this was a joke, but thankfully after watching the trailer on YouTube, we were 

reassured it was in fact not a joke. 

Coming up on 25 years together as a band- the guys did something completely out of the ordinary, 

release not one but TWO albums with their hit songs arranged on piano. Yes, that's right. BFS teamed

up with pianist, Scott Simons, to bring you what they describe as "pop punk easy listening style".


Front man Jaret Reddickt had this to say about the release- "This is an idea I have had forever. But one that I just didn’t know how to make happen. I mean, who would buy this, right?!?! All the BFS songs, easy listening style…and you can listen at work, in the nursery, or even at your wedding?!?! Ok..I would buy that! So I did! And now it is a reality for everyone to stream, buy, or whatever they are doing to get music these days! Two albums at once! Go get your chill on!”


Check out the links below to see the trailer and to listen to Vol 1 & 2.

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All Things Unconsidered

December 20, 2019 

Portland based Psychedelic rock band, Dream Wulf, released their debut LP- All Things 

Unconsidered today and we can't stop listening. 

This four piece brings a fun and relaxing element to their sound that makes us feel

as if we've time warped back into the 70's. All Things Unconsidered  includes remixed and remastered songs off their 2017 demo and 4 brand new songs!

Band founder John Villadelgado had this to say about the last single,  Last Known Purple-

"We wanted to feel something different - something that drove us and at the same time something we could let go of and let it take control of us. Jessica and I were living in Austin, Texas writing the demo for this album. We had written and recorded a song a day every day for the last two days. I asked her to write a love song - and the rest is history!" 

Check out the links below to hear the album & see what else the band is up to!

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Are You Happy? 

December 27, 2019 

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