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    Hollywood Undead is coming back to build a new empire in the rap-metal music scene. Literally. The boys have announced their new album, New Empire Vol. 1, which is set to release on February 14th.

Teasing fans with the new album and new sound, the band released two singles, Time Bomb and Already Dead. While simultaneously keeping the style and sound from previous albums, both singles are distinctly different from past releases. They are very easy to move and jump to, even scream and yell a little bit. But not enough to make the neighbors worry. Time Bomb is the song you want to dance and yell to as compared to Already Dead the song that may cause an outbreak of living room moshpits and backseat push pits. Fans have given mixed feedback on the new sound Hollywood Undead is taking on, but this could possibly be their best and most pivital album yet. 

Check back in February for our full review on the album! Until then, make sure you give these two songs a listen. You can find them at the links below.

By: Sarah Burton



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 Via Dove Grenade / BMG //February 14, 2020

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