Photo by: Sam Gerhke

Poly-rhythmic rock band Human Ottoman started off the new year with their third album release, Rampage- an eclectic, 11-track LP. The band is impressive at its craft, and this album captures a wide range of the band’s skills. Rampage stands out in its choice of instruments, including strings, drums and groovy bass. The combination of instruments makes for a psychedelic feel that is still rock in its core.

Throughout the album, the drums are the most impressive part and stand out consistently from track to track. They compliment the groovy bass lines and intense string solos in tracks such as Drug Anthem and DoeToe. The vocals throughout the album have a synth-like effect, and with both a male and female vocalist, each track has an extra unique layer to it depending on who is singing. The vocal effects add to the psychedelic feel of the album.

Rampage is unique and unlike anything heard before. From start to finish, it is difficult to lose interest. The instrumentals are creative, fun and impressive, making it the best part of this album. The vocals compliment well with the instrumentals, and the use of interludes to break up the tracks allow for easy listening from track to track. 

Check out the album for yourself at the links below!

By: Abbey Williams



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